Creating Certainty in an Uncertain World   



As you experience unprecedented times in your life that feel uncertain, it is all too easy to feel a shock to the system. Is this leading you to feel clouded, confused, frustrated and overwhelmed by a lack of clear direction?

It's like your life's GPS is stuck recalculating your place in the world.

My Creating Certainty program gives you the simple road map to restore your calm in 4 days by guiding you through the steps to recenter your life force energy and put you back in control of your own journey.

No matter what kind of storm lies ahead.

How Do You Optimize Your Life in This New Time?


It’s alright if you feel uncertain about the future, dear one. Even before now, the future never offered any guarantees. All you truly have with the utmost certainty is right now. Bringing all of your efforts and focus to the now moment will support you in creating your own certainty.

So, I ask you, what do you feel guided to do right now?

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Kate Moriah
Kate Moriah
Instructor, Master Empath, Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium

About the instructor

Kate Moriah is a Master Empath, professional psychic medium and energy-healing practitioner. 

Through intuitive reading of a person’s energy and tapping into the Akashic Records, she is able to help identify the soul’s purpose and unique gifts. Using empathic abilities and shamanic practices, Kate detects and addresses obstacles that may be hindering one’s peace of mind and personal expansion. 

After meeting with Kate, clients report gaining life-changing insights, positive shifts in their work, relationships and experience an overall sense of well-being and improved quality of life.

Kate has shared her experiences and wisdoms on radio, public appearances and social media and has developed quite the following. Teaching psychic development, energy work and self-healing techniques, she is a safe and trusted resource for personal healing, growth, and well being.

She also works with a vast clientele from all over the world, helping people connect with deceased loved ones, removing blockages within their lives, clearing away negative energy and guiding them to build their ideal life.  

As an ordained Minister with a degree from the University of Washington in Communications, and Doctor of Divinity from ULC, communicating with everyone from the living to the departed, children, animals, crystals and plants, and everything in between has come naturally since birth.  

Using her gifts such as crystal empathy, intellectual empathy, emotional empathy, animal empathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and humor to name a few, Kate’s life’s work and dedication to the planet is to teach, inspire, encourage, support, and heal others.

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BONUS! Day 4: Q+A